Digitize your restaurant menu

Instantly create an engaging digital menu for your restaurant with the help of a QR code. Simple, efficient and intelligent: the new generation of menus!

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Why a digital menu?


Digital menus offer a rich, instant and customised experience across a variety of devices, unlike physical menus.


The smart features of a digital menu include search functionality, ordering, calling the waiter, viewing the bill, etc.


It requires time, money, and material resources to manage traditional menus. By using a digital menu, there will be a cost reduction in printing out new ones every time a minor change comes up.

Why Menoo?

Instant App

Menoo gives your customers an instant, native experience without having to install any additional app simply by scanning a QR code.


Menoo gives you full customization options including menu updates, enabling and disabling functions such as ordering through our app, calling the waiter and viewing the bill for all tables or individual ones.

No additional costs

Menoo gives you full cost transparency. We do not have hidden fees and we do not charge anything for setup or commissions from sales.


Allow your customers to make reservations at any time, directly from the Menoo app.

Accesible Digital Menu

A simple QR-code scan will give your customers instant access to your restaurant’s digital menu.

Table Ordering

With Menoo Premium, your customers can order directly from the app and your staff will be notified in real time.


Menoo gives your customers an instant native app, alongside a web application, where they can see your restaurant's menus, order food, and take actions like calling a waiter or asking for the bill.

Restaurant app
Instant application technology, with optional installation, accessible by a simple QR scan or NFC tap
Smart menu
Interact with the digital menu, make online orders, call the waiter and view the bill directly from the client app
Online reservations
Complete solution for restaurant reservations, attract new customers, retain current customers and get repeated reservations
Restaurant advertising
Menoo lets you make your restaurant discoverable by other clients through our native app, thus driving more potential clients and more profit.

Menoo Waiter

Menoo gives you a dedicated application for your restaurant staff where they can take actions on real-time events from the tables

Order management app
Easily manage reservations, orders and customers on your phone or tablet using our waiter app
Real-time notifications
Get real-time notifications when a customer places an order, makes a reservation, or takes any other action
Thermal printing
Printing support for orders on thermal paper directly at the bar or kitchen

Management system

Menoo offers you a complete management system that lets you manage restaurant menus in real-time.

Restaurant management app
Access to an easy-to-use restaurant management system, in the cloud accessible from anywhere
Fast updates
Quick and easy updates of products, prices, images, menu design and great customizations
No additional setup costs
Unlimited updates and free support, no setup fees or sales commissions, transparent freemium pricing

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